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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Wedding Signature Quilt

 The Cabell's decided to have their guests sign fabric instead of a guest book. 
 I am honored that they chose me to make their wedding quilt!   

 For the quilting in the white open areas, I chose a version of paisleys but with hearts.  
 Here is the quilt after all the quilting is finished, before binding

 And what an absolutely PERFECT day (and time) for photographing this quilt!   Right before sunset!
 I added some FF Triangles to the back of the quilt for hanging.   I feel like the triangles don't add the bulk like a sleeve does.   But the triangles are only strong enough if the quilt doesn't weigh too much.
 Aren't the shadows spectacular?!  

 Here's a closeup of one of the signature blocks.   I did the same thing for MY wedding. . . hopefully I will make mine by the time our 10th anniversary rolls around ;c)  

some more closeups. 

Thanks for stopping by!  
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Friday, October 30, 2015

"I Love Lucy" Toddler Costume

I really enjoyed making Mira's costume this year.  
However, it was not without it's trials and headaches.
But we won two costume contests, and I live for praise and validation so I'm happy.  

The (almost) FINISHED DRESS!!!!  - simplicity pattern 3836 -
I added an "I Love Lucy" applique heart.
I did the embroidery with Wonderfil Spaghetti white thread and my free-motion foot.
(I later added some additional red accents I thought were needed)

The signature Lucy Dress!  Polka Dots with lapel collar and white apron. 

 This is the inspiration photo I found online.
I tried so hard to get Mira to wear a wig.  Unfortunately she was having NONE of it.  I tried many many MANYYY different ways to get her to have "red hair" without the itchy wig.
I settled on this weird headband deal.  
I took a wig from the halloween store and ripped out some of the stitches from the base.
This is actually made up of two "sections" of hair.   (There are probably about 15 sections in a wig.)
I cut the sections in half to make 4 "curls" - then I just used a bunch of hairspray and attached them to the headband with needle and thread.   (on the 2nd day of wear, I decided to pull out the hot glue gun FYI)  So I know it looks weird. . but hey, at least she is wearing it and it's comfortable! ;c) 

Here we are at the Mall trick-or-treat.   Out of 1,000's of kids.  She won the costume contest for her age group  (0-3) 

 And then we went trick-or-treating in our local town.
 Everywhere we went, there were smiles.  
 I love these photos, she must have just got a sucker  (that's her favorite!)  But it was freezing and windy tonight so she had to wear a sweater cardigan.  

Some of the trick-or-treat photos I captured before it got too cold and she had to put on her coat.  

 Here is the pattern I used for this dress -  simplicity pattern 3836 -  All relatively easy - with the exception of the Lapel Collar. . which was like the most complex word math problem in the history of the whole entire world.  I spent a good 24 hours just looking up tutorials and watching videos on this just to figure it out!!  
But that's why I like to do this each year.  So that I can have a new skill in my pocket.  
 And here is ME having way too much fun with the wig that I bought for Mira.  ;c) 
Here are the two 1st place awards we received.   YAY!  

and I thought I would share this adorable photo.   We went trick-or-treating before Daddy got home.  But he finally got home from work, and started down the street to meet us.   When Mira saw her Dad she rannnnn to him saying "Dadda" "Dadda" and then just wanted to sit down right in the middle of the street with him.   (they have a weird relationship, and I think they bond over candy and sugar) LOL

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Vintage Baby Clothes

My cousin's son is in his 30s? now, and this quilt contains pieces from newborn to adult.  
 Here are all of the pieces on the floor.  Ready for graphing.    There are little baby Christmas outfits, jerseys, signed and painted T-shirts, boy scout vest, soft toys, booties, and bonnet.  
 Here is the quilt top pieced.   Since I couldn't adequately baste the quilt with the 3D elements, I added those later after the quilting.   
 Finished quilt with extra elements quilted/tacked down.   

 The back is a grey chevron.  

To order your own clothing quilt, send me a message on facebook or email with the subject line "Quilt" 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Oliver's Heart Quilt.

This quilt was inspired by this mini quilt -  I'm not sure who the original artist was but a google search brought me to THIS WEBSITE.  

Melissa wanted these two sleepers to be the "focus" of the quilt.  But since the logos are right next to the zippers, we decided that the best thing to do would be to make each onesie into a "half" heart, and then put them together side-by-side to make up a whole heart.     I took out 3 rows of stitches to try to get more room for the heart shape.    

 It still didn't look quite right. . I think because it was the biggest heart and right in the middle.   So then we decided to make them into two separate hearts.  

After some wiggling around,   we came up with THIS design -  I also added some more color, reduced the size of most of the hearts, and used the booties from the sleepers to add depth and more color.    -  much better!  

The top was complete, but I felt it really needed "something". . . so I decided to try to do a Mock Trapunto technique.    I used a thick polyester batting, and densely quilted in the background area and in and around all the hearts and applique shapes.  

I used stippling in the large open areas and pebbling inside the smaller areas inside the heart and around the text.    
Starting from the outside edges first and going around the edges.    I stippled first, and then once I got to the inside of the hearts, I started pebbling.    This pushes all the batting down, and into the open areas.    Then I outlined around each heart, and they magically POOF UP, making it look like you took a long time stuffing each heart or adding extra batting.  

 I didn't have quite enough of the fabric and they were sold out, so I pieced the backing and made it into a double-sided quilt.   

 Here you can see how poofy the applique shapes are - and also the quilting on the back.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Lauren's Graduation Quilt

This Quilt was inspired by a photo online of hexagons made from triangles but the fabrics were solids.   My friend Ang wanted to use FUN bright prints for the triangles for her quilt.   Also we personalized the quilt with the recipients NAME and graduation date ;c)

 A couple in-progress photos -   closeup of the fabrics that make up the hexagons, and the quilting as it was just in the beginning stages.

 Ang chose to use the PINK fabric for the text , and since it didn't show up as much as I expected, I outlined with a darker thread color = purple.     Now it really pops!

I did the quilting with my regular piecing foot on my Juki DDL 8700 - We decided to do a simple straight-line quilting design in parallel lines all-over.     This design is still quite time-consuming. . but simple none the less.   
 my sweet little "helper" 

 the back 

my new label